Kitchen and garden

Are you an accomplished or novice home cook and would like to learn more? Would you like to learn how to prepare dishes from different countries? Alma offers several different courses in cooking and baking. In the courses, you get to develop your skills and learn about cooking in different countries. 
A little green thumb lives in you? Are you a new or experienced gardener who would like to learn more? In these courses, you get to develop your skills as a gardener. 


Adult Education Center Alma offers: 

Japanese gluten-free, lactose-free as well as vegetable-based foods courses:  

Italian food; pizza, pasta and an advanced course:  

Sandwich cakes  

Fantasy cakes  

Plan summer parties  

Vegan food and baked goods  

Excursion food outside  

Street Food; Mexico  

Street Food; Europe  

Street Food: USA  

Street Food: Korea  

May Day baking  

Homemade mämmi and pasha for Easter  

Excursion food outside with kids  


Kitchen theory: 

Hygiene Proficiency training  


Hobbies for the garden by the Adult Education Center Alma: 

Flower Arrangements for Easter:  

To grow mushrooms from home, spring:  

Designing gardens:  

The moons effect on your garden:  

From seed to growth (Swedish):  

Wreaths from dried materials (Swedish):  

Easter bouquet (Swedish):