The youth information and counseling service Reimari is aimed at all young people in Vaasa under the age of 29!

Youth information and counseling work is preventive youth work, which as a goal-oriented basic service, that offers professional information, guidance and counseling in various questions and situations related to young people’s lives.  The goal is to supports the growth, independence and well-being of young people. The services are based on the information and support needs of young people. In addition to young people, the target groups of the services are parents and other youth workers and professionals, as well as those who teach and study in the youth field.

The aim of youth information and counseling work is to promote the well-being of young people. Young people’s independence, life skills, well-being and social participation are supported and strengthened by providing versatile information and professional advice and guidance as well as activities. The goal is for a young person to live an independent and good life.

Reimari’s staff offers young people professional guidance, information and advice on various issues related to young people’s lives. We offer the service in Finnish, Swedish and English. The meeting can be arranged at a place that suits you and also using remote possibilities.

The service is provided by the following methods:

  • individual guidance
  • group guidance (club activities, guided leisure activities for young people with an immigrant background)
  • digital youth work
  • mobile youth work (schools, educational institutions, events, shopping centers, etc.)
  • game-based youth work
  • cultural youth work